We want to inspire responsible alcohol consumption.


In Molson Coors safety and enjoyment of consumers are in the first place, that is how we create long-term relations. Our strategic goals determine our path, and help us continue developing our consumers' conviction that beer has a special place in our society

and fits perfectly into their balanced lifestyle. By 2025 we shall aim at realising influential programmes in order to prevent excessive alcohol consumption and drunk driving at all beer selling markets.

In order to support responsible alcohol consumption we also produce low-alcohol beers, and non-alcoholic beers, so that our consumers are provided with good alternatives.

By placing consumers' safety in the first place, Molson Coors BiH has been continuously committed to educating them about responsible consumption and risks of drunk driving, foremost through campaigns: „Happy New Year without Casualties“, „When I drink- I don't drive“, „Not a Single Drop before Driving“ , realised in partnership with Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Srpska, Ministry of Traffic and Communications, Traffic Safety Agency, Automobiles and Motor Vehicles Association of RS. In addition to using diverse ways in an attempt to explain to consumers about the influence of alcohol on the power for reasoning and motoric abilities, advice, especially to young people. was never to sit behind the wheel if alcohol was consumed. Our recommendaton is to call a taxi, a friend or to wait for transportation that will safely take them home. We hope that this kind of prevention has saved a lot of lives.


At a global level Molson Coors is a member of international alliance for responsible alcohol consumption (Alliance for Responsible Drinking-IARD), which gathers 11 biggest global breweries, destilleries and wine cellars, who jointly cooperate with governments throughout the world, in order to reduce harmful usage of alcohol by 10% until 2025.



We realised that quality partnership is important in order to successfully reduce irresponsible alcohol consumption. In the USA, we are partners with organisations such as Responsible Retailing Forum and Respect 21® that are recognised as representative in their

fight against excessive alcohol consumption. We get into partnerships with our consumers in order to prevent the underaged from alcohol consumption.

In addition, we have developed partner relations with Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management, TEAM and Training for Intervention Procedures, TIPS®. We organise trainings specially designed for retailers, with special attention paid on stadiums, in order to promote responsible alcohol consumption, of our beer in the first place, and thus to reduce drunk driving.