We jointly place a lot of effort in order to make the community we live in a better place.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina we have realised numerous socially responsible projects, in order to develop local communities. Some of the most important realised projects are:

· “NOT A GLASS BEFORE DRIVING” – campaign was realised in 2018, with the aim to enhance the level of traffic safety, raising awareness in citizens and reducing the number of drunk drivers. This Campaign was realised in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Srpska, Ministry for Traffic and Communications, Traffic Safety Agency, Automobiles and Motor Vehicles Association of Republic of Srpska.

· “WHEN I DRINK – I DON'T DRIVE” – This Campaign was realised in 2017 and encompassed preventive activities of informing about the effects of alcohol consumption on driver's abilities, his conduct and mistakes he makes under the influence of alcohol.

· “HAPPY NEW YEAR WITHOUT CASUALTIES” – the Project was realised in 2016, engaging over 500 participants in order to jointly raise awareness of citizens and increase traffic safety during holidays.

· „MOLSON COORS CHILL OUT CORNER“- Successful cooperation of our Company with the Faculty of Economics in Banja Luka, and Centre for Career Development – CCD, resulted in creating a modern interactive zone for students. Our Project “Molson Coors Chill Out Corner” was realised with the aim to serve students for studying, exchange of ideas, relaxation and mingling. Students of Economics in Banja Luka spend their free time during recess between lectures at this corner.

· REVITALISATION OF BANJ HILL/BE PART OF NATURE, LISTEN TO DOMESTIC MUSIC – In cooperation with the City of Banja Luka, this project was realised. As part of this Project, at Banja Luka picnic area signs were made, waste cans, benches and tables with the aim to improve to citizens of Banja Luka their fav

In addition, a whole-day event was realised called „BE PART OF NATURE, LISTEN TO DOMESTIC MUSIC“, visited by more than 6.000 visitors, in order to support domestic music scene and preserve nature. At the very spot packaging waste was collected, and the money collected from recycling was used for maintaining Banja hill.

· ECO ACTION OF CLEANING THE BUNIKA RIVER-BED AND ITS BANKS – We are a long-term partner to sports-environmental association „Hercegovine“ (SEUH) from Mostar, on a traditional project that gathers diving clubs from BiH and region. Through this action, as a tradition, every June the Bunika river-bed and its banks are cleaned, the Bunika being known as a natural pearl of this area and the biggest karstic spring in Europe.