We wish to provide responsible information about marketing and consumers.

We want to make sure that our consumbers know that we pay special attention to responsible promotion of our beer. We have always known that to be a good brewery includes a lot more than just making high-quality beer. Our goal is to package and promote

our beer in compliance with the existing rules and regulations. As mentioned in our Global policy about alcohol, we promote our beer exclusively to adults, including moderate and responsible consumption.

When we talk about responsible marketing, Molson Coors pays great attention to the following four areas:


Being pregnant or want to be, we do not recommend alcohol consumption. Not our beer, not any alcohol. If you plan to become pregnant, we want you to be healthy as much as possible.


This is fairly simple. Never drink and drive. Never be a passenger in a car driven by someone who is drunk. Never allow someone who is drunk to drive. Whenever you plan to drink, plan a safe journey home. If someone who intends to drive, has much to drink, be a friend and ensure his safe journey home.

Through different campaigns Molson Coors BH intends to pay attention to drivers not to drink alcohol if they intend to drive. We shall continue doing our best to put this problem into focus of everyone's attention.


We do not want the underaged to consume our products, since we are bound by and we support rules that prohibit minors to consume alcohol. We are all responsible for preventing the underaged from excessive drinking, including terrible consequences that result from it. We want you to know more about the consequences of underage drinking, and how to prevent it.


Every time you take beer from the table and put it back you leave a trace on the pad or table, so do we, whereever we produce and sell beer we leave our beer trace. We want to leave a positive beer trace, hence we are committed to protecting and preserving the community where we do business.