Our values separate us from others and help us delight beer lovers woldwide.


With more than 350 years of brewing heritage, we make beer of today with more passion than ever. Our brands have won many international awards and recognitions, but that is less important than beer we make to thill our numerous buyers and consumers. We are continuously committed to perfecting our brands and developing new ones. Long-term investment into new technologies, innovations and implementation of control management system lead to great results in the quality of products and production processes.

In Molson Coors our beer makers stay loyal to brewing tradition, but are also a great inspiration for innovations. Their skills and crafts in beer making stand behind our awarded brands. In order to ensure that brewing tradition is safely passed on to next generations, skilled beer makers of Molson Coors pass their time tutoring new workers.



Business ethics and „winning the right way“ are the key to our business practices. Code Principles and Business Conduct Policies are clear and represent the context for making our business decisions, based on our Company values:

· protecting our shareholders,

· fulfilling responsibilities to our employees, customers and suppliers,

· respecting and satisfying environmental, legal and other regulatory requirements and standards.



Aware of our leading position in the market, including our role and responsibility in the society, Molson Coors BiH is set to become a positive example in the field of social responsibility in the market and responsible partner in the society we act.

Recognising corporate social responsibility as an instrument to positive change in business practices, Molson Coors BiH, at local level, bases its activities on economic, social and environmental principles, placing open and fair relation towards social community among its highest priorities.

· Environment protection: Our Company is aimed at managing its business in compliance with all applicable environmental and safety standards, in order to create safe working conditions and minimal impact on the envirnoment. We are environmentally responsible partner in the society, which continuously works on preventing circumstances that endanger health, safety or envirnoment. Sustainable managment and sustainable development are very important to our business practices, employees, clients and society, as a whole.

· Alcohol responsibility

- Responsible sales practices and advertising: We are committed to responsible product marketing in all respects and an honest, persistant and reliable voice behind our brands. We condemn and discourage every form of excessive alcohol consumption or underage and irresponsible alcohol consumption.

- Beer promoting: In all forms of communication we are bound by positive legislation and our Promoting Code. The ultimate goal of our promoting is to inform people who drink and like beer and to introduce them to our brands. We promote moderate and responsible enjoyment in our brands.

- Content of labels and consumer information: All our products are labeled in compliance with market rules and regulations, containing information about ingredients, alcohol content and allergens. On every label there is an email address for additional information.



As a responsible Company we support a number of cultural and sports events in order to improve the quality of life in the society we do our business activities.