"Ožujsko business case challenge" beat our expectations!


The “Ožujsko Business Case Challenge” Finals were held on 20 December at the Faculty of Economcis in Sarajevo in the organisation of the Centre for Career Development – CCD and Molson Coors BH Company, and in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo. 17 registered teams from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia fought in the grand finals.  

Topics of the competition were: „Ožujsko Regional Approach”, that would additionally introduce the brand to its consumers at regional, i.e. local level, “Ožujsko and the Young”, innovative way of introducing Ožujsko beer to the young, and “Craft Beer – Brand Launching” – creating campaign for presenting a new craft beer.

At the Finals, 9 finalist teams from Sarajevo, Tuzla, Mostar, Banja Luka and East Sarajevo presented high-quality student projects, and the jury panel decided to award two first prizes and monetary awards to „Newoice“ team from Sarajevo  and “M&M” team from Banja Luka. The third prize went to „Tech&Sense” team from Tuzla and East Sarajevo.

“Ožujsko Business Case Challenge” was very successful, hence we are proud this project beat our expectations and attracted a lot of contestants who wanted to present their business ideas. Many interesting projects intended for the young are still to be realised.