"Jelen music show" platform intended for domestic music lovers!


Molson Coors BH Company and Play Team creative agency, together with domestic preformers, and the audience have given a new dimension to promoting BiH music scene as part of unique music platform „Jelen Music Show“. For the last three years, this highly successful project has been promoting performers and bands from BiH, renowned for the originality in copyright music, and video production.  

Next to video review, „Jelen Music Show“ brings interesting stories and news about bands, their work, performances, and interviews with the aim to inform the public and introduce the work of musicians to the public, and to inspire other authors to create new copyright music. „Jelen Music Show“ primarily promotes quality copyright music, and through interviews with musicians we open the doors of their studios and training centres to the public, to get to know all the details of their work. Musicians who create copyright music deserve the attention of the media and the audience and their work needs to be recognised and valued.   

We have become a favorite topic of bands and musicians, who shared with pride and joy our announcements. We have encouraged bands and preformers, as well as young musicians to contact us and present their copyright work. „Top 10“ list has instigated a competitive spirit and has shown which domestic performers have fans and followers, and  who deserves to be seated in the „Hot throne“.

Success of the project shows that domestic music scene has awakened and needs support of the „Jelen Music Show“, as a real motivation to musicians for creating a new music copyright work. Audience, musicians, but also the media through www.jelenmusicshow.com music platform have a unique, most relevant and most current database of domestic music in one place. End of 2018, this highly recognised music platform got its TV edition, broadcast as a TV show by ATV in premiere and rerun terms(3 times a week). Hence, the „Jelen Music show“ project has become even more recognised and transparent among audience and musicians.

Support domestic and #listen to domestic!